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Please complete the questions to gain the access link to the store.

If you have any issue or have any questions about our new system, please contact us through our contact page or at AndersonAxolittles@gmail.com.

DO NOT post on Jess/stressinabox's personal social media accounts. We need FORMAL emails in order to look into the issues properly. 

Any person who purchases an axolotl and is unable to prove they took this quiz upon questioning, will automatically forfeit their purchase.

Currently Sold Out!

More Babies Coming March/April 2020

We do not do a waitlist. SORRY! The babies that are coming soon are the Toothless and Blink babies from TikTok.


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Can you tell me which questions I got wrong?

Unfortunately, we can't. If we were to have it tell you which questions you got wrong, you'd be able to figure it out by process of elimination and not do the research yourself. You can easily check all the answers on our care info page. 

Can you make the answer selections more clear?

No, we cannot. We want you to think about your answers. Tank dimensions, water parameters, and all.

Can I see what is available before taking the quiz?

Yes. You can email us or message us on facebook for details on what is available. Though, oftentimes, it is quicker to just complete the quiz since we are not always able to respond quickly.

What if I don't agree with the correct answers?

You are welcome to message us with a compelling argument as to why you feel our chosen correct answer isn't correct.