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Home Team 

We never pass up a moment to show off our very own axolotls. All axololts on this page call Anderson Axolittles their forever home. 



Our oldest adult here at Anderson Axolittles. He's an extra black melanoid with vitiligo. He's been one of our more interesting little guys. He's a big goof and enjoys swimming more than any axie we've had. He is also the first one we've noted anxiety in when he is in his tank alone, which means he'll always have to have a roommate. He also loves teasing the cats, especially Hiccup.

Peter Parker

Parker is our adult male Copper Axanthic. He is a little shy with new people, but once he gets used to you, you'll become his new favorite person. He's Toothless's best friend and roommate. The two have become bonded since Parker moved in, to the point that when Peter Parker got sick, Toothless dug out the sand facing him until he was able to come back home. They are quite a pair!


She's a beautiful Leucistic. From the fabulous Emily's Axolotls line, she mothered quite a beautiful clutch for us here! Her fluffy gills and cute face never get old! We call her our pretty lady all the time because she's such a looker! She always has a smile on her face and loves to watch what you're doing when you're walking around her area. 


Cole is a beautiful little melanoid. Some days he's black and some days you come in and he's grey. Depends on his mood. He LOVES food and can be a bit of a ham sometimes as well. He also likes to pretend he's a log, but that's just Cole for you. He always has his eyes on his roommate Lu.


Pickett is a copper melanoid mini that joined our family not too long ago. She is a year old and only about 5.5 inches long. We tend to call Pickett our over dramatic teenager because all she wants is attention when you get near her tank. 


A GFP Golden rescues brought in back in October of 2018 from a pet shop, Remi (aka Rave Machine) became a fan favorite! With his goofy personality and neon glow, who couldn't love this goof? Jess of Anderson Axolittles quickly bonded with this handsome boy when he came in. 


A long gilled melanoid. He's smaller than Toothless, so that's how we know it's him. He also has the cutest smile! Don't forget how much he loves worms. 


Raised here at Anderson Axolittles, Blink is a little lady pretty dear to our heart. She was originally purchased by one of our fantastic customers but found her way back to our doorstep and here she is to stay. Her personality sparkles just as much as her tail. 


The CHONKiest of all the ladies in the land. She is one of the biggest girls we've ever had, but that just gives us more to love. We don't know much about this hearty girly, but we love her no matter what. Who wouldn't with a face like that?