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Where are you located? 

We are currently located in Oak Park, IL. A west suburb of the city of Chicago.

Are you affiliated with stressinabox on social media, like TikTok? 

Yes! She is the founder and co-owner of Anderson Axolittles.

Do you ship?

YES! Shipping days are currently set for Modanys so we know your axolotl will be recieved during the week. We do ask that all orders are placed at least 2 days before the shipping date or your axolotl will ship the following shipping day to give us time to prepare your order. Please note it is illegal for us to ship Axolotls to California, Maine, Virginia, Hawaii, and New Jersey. Orders placed for axolotls from these states will be canceled and refunded. We also have an arrive alive guarantee. If for any reason, your axolotl doesn't survive the trip, you must send us a photo of your axolotl in the bag, within 2 hours of the delivery. We will NOT refund delivery but will refund you for the axolotl or set up a replacement. We also ask that gloves are worn when opening your axololt, because occasionaly we due ship with fiberglass insulation, that can irritate the skin. 

Why do you require customers to pass a quiz before access the store?

After the rise of social media and internet fame, we wanted a way to ensure that those who were purchasing our axolotls had done their research before bringing one into their home. Requiring them to pass a short quiz not only encourages them to look into these animals more, but to make sure this animal is the right one for them. 

How do I set up my pick up? 

Once you have decided on your axolotl and have purchased your pick up order, you have 24 hours to contact us to set up an appointment. If you cannot make your chosen appointment, you will forfeit your purchase. Payments can be made via paypal or in person. 

Do you have a return policy? 

We have an arrive alive guarantee for shipping. If for any reason, your axolotl doesn't survive shipping, you must send us a photo of your axolotl in the bag, within 2 hours of the delivery. In this instance we will refund you the the cost, except for shipping, of the axolotl, or set up a new delivery. When it comes to picking up, or purchasing at expos, once the axolotl is in your hands, it is your responsibility and no refund will be given if the axolotl passes away in your care.

Exchanges can be arranged under certain circumstances, but this is VERY rare

What do you feed your juveniles?

When they are first hatched they are fed baby brine shrimp. Once they reach 2 inches we switch them over to a diet of frozen blood worms, brine shrimp, pellets, live black worms, and live earth worms. When our juveniles reach 5 inches we begin to feed them strictly earth worm, the best food for your axolotl. 

How old must I be to purchase an axolotl from you? 

You must be 18 years or older to purchase an axolotl from us.